T.H.E. GmbH

Whether basic module or specialization - we evaluate the individual training needs of employees and develop the necessary seminar content in a targeted manner. From organization and implementation to follow-up support, the participants in our seminars, training and education courses are our most important customers.

We offer comprehensive advice and support in the following areas to prevent hazards and accidents, minimize the consequences of accidents at work and implement health and safety measures:

  • Advising The Company On All Occupational Safety İssues İn Compliance With The Relevant BG Regulations And Statutory Provisions
  • Preparation of the Risk Assessment 
  • Creation of All Types of Operating Instructions
  • Carrying Out Site Inspections
  • Support İn Health Protection, Workplace Design, The Workplace, Work Equipment And Other İssues Relating To The Working Environment
  • Accident Investigations and Analyses
  • Expert Advice On Occupational Health And Safety For Employers And Managers
  • Advising Employees on Accident And Health Hazards At Work
  • Creation of Documentation
  • SCC Test Doc. 016, 018 and 017
  • Participation İn Company Meetings And Much More.